Cartel Pass


Mint Date: TBD
Mint Price: 15
Supply: 250

Perks & Benefits

What does a Cartel Pass do for you?

+ Member Access

Grants access to our Discord where you will be assigned a role based on which NFTs you hold. These roles will unlock different sections within the Discord for you to participate in, whether its voted polls, sharing ideas or just chatting with the rest of the community.

+ Rewards based on voting.

Our in-house discord bot logs all of the votes and supplies the addresses voting on a monthly basis. Users voting the most on our polls will be eligible for rewards based on actively participating in votes. Depending on how many unique voters there are will determine whether its top 3, top 5 or top 10 voters to receive rewards.

+Future Rewards.

Once our coin positions appreciate in value and we sell them. we plan to use a % of the profits for liquidity for the LP of our coin. Then reward our holders with our coin $PLOT. 

+ Market Trend Vote 1:1 (Bullish or Bearish Metaverse Trends)

Use these cards to find bullish metaverse trends before they happen every week using our in-house discord bot that runs polls voting on what metaverses are bullish or bearish that week helping metaverse enthusiasts get better exits or entries on their favorite metaverses within the Cardano ecosystem.

+DCA Voting

  Epoch rewards from our staked ADA we plan to leave it to a vote on what coins to buy. Also letting the user partake in Voting when we should or sell for profits

+ Lifetime Priority Whitelist spots

Will provide priority mint access before public mints at a discount.

                      Click "More info" for what mint funding will be used for