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Cardano Metaverse Investment Group Focused on Pavia, Cronucopias And ClayPitches Metaverse Assets. Join us Today! 

Lowering The Barrier of Entry to Metaverse Land Ownership & Profitability

Sometimes an individual investor doesn’t have the resources to invest in what they believe to be a profitable venture.Plot Cartel Investment Group was established to help those investors, who can pool their resources and vote on larger-scale Metaverse Real Estate investments on the Cardano Blockchain. Using our Cartel's voting power to make the right market decisions This group’s focus will be to invest early into digital land assets, then hold long-term to maximize profits, aiming for gains in the range of 10-100x rather than attempting quick flips.
Dox by BIG Investment group.

Our Goal and Plan

Cartel Map

  Phase 1:Planning✔

-Define Cartel’s Purpose✔️ 

-Ensure Long Term Profitability✔️  
-Establish Social Media Channels✔️

Phase 2:Development

-Launch Website✔️

-Gitbook Whitepaper✔️

-Secure NFT Calendar Listing✔️

 -Establish a Twitter following✔️

Phase 3:Launch

-Launch Genesis CNFTs✔️

-Get Verified on Secondary markets✔️

-Establish our first profitable cartel vote and trade✔️
-Launch Cartel Pass mint & sell out.

Phase 4:Expand 

-Use funds from Cartel Pass to stock alt coin wallet.

-Launch Series One Collection



Why Choose Plot Cartel?

   Curated Investments

Our Holders will submit detailed  investment proposals. Holders can then vote for their favorite pick.  To then get rewarded in the future when it pays off.

Larger Opportunities

Pooled funds allow for entry into larger projects, opening up lucrative opportunities which would otherwise not available to typical investors. 

Long-Term HODL

Plot Cartel doesn’t exist for quick flips and 20% profits. Our goal is to HODL long-term for 10x-100x gains, investing for months, not days. 

Mitigated Loss Risk

By spreading capital throughout a diverse range of investment properties, Plot Cartel can help minimize overall risk to your portfolio. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a our cartel?

Our Cartel is a DAO & Busniess venture group getting a step ahead of metaverse properties & gains.
the The term DAO is short for Decentralized Autonomous Organization. 

What is Plot Cartel?

Plot Cartel is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) whose focus is investing in digital lands and properties in various Metaverse’s, starting with those the Cardano Blockchain such as Pavia, Cornucopias  and clay pitches

Started on April 10th, 2022
(Genesis) Policy ID: a5806f1e07b58a4700ca745ed141a96af430627c109c4d860e2bd00b

How does Plot Cartel work?

Plot Cartel allows users to Mint CNFTs. These CNFTs are owned by users, and give these users voting privileges in the DAO.The holders of our CNFTs can vote on various proposals regarding how the funds collected in the Treasury are utilized – though these proposals should tend to focus on the investment of Metaverse properties.The holders of our CNFTs will also receive a share of revenue when the investments voted on by DAO members are profitable, as well as by other means.

When can I mint a Plot Cartel CNFT?

Minting of the Genesis (Gen 0) began on (4/15/22). Holders of these Genesis CNFTs will be entitled to special perks and/or bonus rewards to be determined as the project proceeds. 

Additional “Waves” of mints will be released once all of the initial Gen 0 CNFTs are minted.

How do I mint a Plot Cartel CNFT?

  • Daedalus Wallet
  • Nami Wallet
  • Yoroi Wallet
  • We recommend researching all three options, then creating the type of wallet you are most comfortable with. 

How many CNFTs can I mint?

As many as you like.

How do I vote on a Proposal?

With your Cartel CNFT card you will be able to vote yes or no on any DAO proposal within our Discord. 
                  Genesis Policy ID: e00a8eaa211ab17b82ea9cb21e36eb45673b6a8a7339bac14c9a6856